China Inspection

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Our Advantages:

On-line inspection

Online Booking System to process your orders.

  • √ Your booking will be handled by system, to avoid human mistakes, and improve our efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • √ You can manage your booking 24/7, review your booking information conviniently, saving your time for bookings, re-bookings are clicks away.
  • √ Off-line excel booking forms / templates are also available, making your inspection booking easier.
  • √ Detaied product information makes the report more accurate.
  • √ Pushing suppliers and informing you just clicks.

  • one-stop solution

    One-stop procurement solution [Suspended]

  • √ We handle your procurement from sourcing, gather quotes and information, product development, order follow-ups, quality inspections, arrange shipment.

  • Speed and Flexibility

    Speed and Flexibility

  • √ Inspector will be on-site with 48hrs after receiving your instruction.
  • √ Report to your within 24hrs.
  • √ Special checklist for your products.
  • √ Special report format for you if needed.

  • Inspection Reports

    Comprehensive Inspection Reports

  • √ Delivered within 24 hours of the Inspection. Every report includes detailed pictures, custom checklists, function testing - everything you need to make sound business decisions. You see the production as it is on the ground.
  • √ 2000+ checklist for different products.
  • √ Your special checklist is also welcome.
  • √ Special report format is acceptable.
  • √ Detailed checklists so that we will not miss a thing.

  • Technical Expertise

    Technical Expertise

  • √ Our operations management have over 20 years experience in product sourcing and developments, we confidently offer the highest quality purchasing, inspection services.
  • √ Our representative and account managers are more understandable of your needs.

  • safer


  • √ We use the strictest AQL inspection & auditing standards ensuring product reporting and client checklists are met.
  • √ We pride ourselves with your repeat orders, so will take every order, booking seriously.
  • √ We have experienced operations review every orders, reports.
  • √ Collective meetings to find possible problems.

  • ethics


  • √ Our auditing services are designed to give you accurate evaluations of your suppliers - both from a manufacturing capability perspective, and also from a social / ethical compliance perspective.
  • √ For product inspections, we have a zero-tolerance policy against bribery and corruption.

  • cost saving

    Cost Saving For You!

  • √ no overheads, costing is based on actual orders. All-in flat man-day rate, easier for you to budget.
  • √ Local bank accounts Citibank in, Deutsche Bank in EU, WorldFirst in UK, zero bank charges for you;
  • √ Paypal also acceptable;