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  • Jul 21, 19
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Is inspection necessary, since there are no problems so far?

Why do you need inspections?

In many cases, we heard customers said there don't have a quality problem, and don't need someone to do inspections, by their own inspectors, or by a third party inspection company.

First of all, congratuations! But it might be too late when there is a problem, it will cost you more money, energy, and even your is QUALITY DISASTER already.

Secondly, all shipments have a defect rate, not everything is perfects, it might not be correct that the quality of your products is 100% acceptable or perfect. Sometimes for some major or minor defects, but the product is still usable and acceptable. The consumers might just be not happy about it, without you know it. You are losing the customers confidences in the long run.

Thirdly, it is wise for you to stay on top of your quality performance. How did you perform in quality in the past quarter? Any room for improvements? What is the most common defects of your products? Are you making improvement? This is the true meaning of quality management.