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Ikea pays out $50million to parents of three toddlers who were all killed when their 'dangerous' Malm dressers fell on them

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  • Ted McGee, 22 months old, was killed by an Ikea Malm dresser in February
  • He was the third child to be killed in a Malm tip-over accident since 2014
  • All three families were awarded $50m to split equally between them Wednesday
  • The company recalled 29million dangerous dressers six months ago
  • But it has been aware of the risks to children of Malm tippings for years
  • 14 Malm tippings were reported from 1989-2015, with 4 injuries and 5 deaths

Ikea will pay $50million (£40.5million) to the parents of three toddlers who were killed when the company's now recalled Malm dressers toppled onto them.

'We would never want other parents to have to experience what we have been forced to endure,' said Janet McGee of Apple Valley, Minnesota, whose 22-month-old son Ted died after a Malm dresser fell on him in February.

'This has been a tragic, heartbreaking season for us and our family, and no amount of money will make up for the loss of our sweet little boy,' she told

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